Recently an empty nester and on yet another personal journey of discovery, I am dedicated to spending more time with clients with the intention of sparing them from the black hole of online self-help resources that are both confusing and often contradicting.

The reason I do what I do is simple. I want people to have a life they love and freedom from the constraints that hold them back. The focus is on freeing you from your past based stories and breaking the vicious cycle of drama in your life so you can experience the present, and create possibilities for your future! When it gets scary, I will have your back. When it gets real, I will cheer you on.

I want you to know I have been where you are. I was a self-help junkie most of my adult life, traveling many paths on my own personal journey.  I rode the prescription merry go round for depression and anxiety and it wasn’t fun nor effective.  I finally came to accept and appreciate and love myself just the way I am!  I was born this way and there is no one else like me. And this is a good thing! The same holds true for you! You are whole, perfect and complete just the way you are right now. Getting that about yourself, is where it starts and where I will never waver in supporting you.

It’s not always easy especially if you have been living with the story that you are not enough or don’t fit in. That’s where I come in to guide you and have you discover for yourself all the things that make you, beautiful, amazing you! Your life will never be the same!

“Your playing small does not serve the world. “
Marianne Williamson

Thank you for showing up to your life and allowing me to be a part of it. Please follow me on Facebook @Today’s Family to find out more about how I see the world.  Now on instagram @inhale_exhalezine


Online and Virtual Counseling are available options for those who prefer working from the comfort of their own home!