Inhale Exhale College Edition Issue 3

You Are Not a Disorder As a Mental Health practitioner and former middle school and high school guidance counselor, I notice too often young adults suffering from what I call Productivity Anxiety. It’s due to an environment and society that for at least the past 25 years has been attempting to diagnose our children with labels and disorders in order...[ read more ]

Inhale Exhale College Edition Issue 1

A Healthy Brain Anxiety or HSP?  Have you always heard things like, "You're too sensitive" or "Why do you have to analyze everything?" Are you easily startled? Do you get the "hangry's"? You may be a highly sensitive person. According to Elaine Aron, Ph.D."Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) are individuals with genetic characteristics that make them deeply attuned and sensitive to...[ read more ]

Inhale Exhale Family Edition Issue 4

A Healthy Brain Under Pressure: Why has debilitating anxiety become so common among the young? And why is it still so overlooked? According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 1in 3 adolescents ages 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder. These numbers have been rising steadily, up 20% in children and teens between 2007 and 2012. These stats,...[ read more ]

Inhale Exhale Family Edition Issue 3

A Healthy Brain As a parent, your words to your children meant to support and help them, can sometimes inadvertently lead to labeling and negatively impact core identity development. Children hearing things like "You're too sensitive" or "Why do you have to analyze everything?" may grow up thinking that being sensitive is not a worthy trait and that critical thinking...[ read more ]

Inhale Exhale Family Edition Issue 2

A Healthy Brain Stress? A state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc.? Something that causes strong feelings of worry or anxiety? Physical force or pressure  Children and teens experience stress and anxiety differently than adults. The way each person looks at the world and their problems are based on a myriad of views:...[ read more ]

Inhale Exhale Family Edition Issue 1

A Healthy Brain Mental Health is not a dirty word, yet often we overlook or ignore issues until they are full-blown problems resulting in crisis. The impact can be life-changing. Families are ever-evolving entities made up of multiple events and incidents that can impact a child for the rest of their life.  The answer is not to avoid or hide...[ read more ]

How to BE in Times of Uncertainty

Life has never been as uncertain as it is right now in this moment. We may think it’s because there’s a pandemic and we’ve been asked to stay at home, without a definite end in sight.  Some of us are beginning to settle into this new normal and others can’t wait for it to be over.  Some have adapted to...[ read more ]

Leaving Your Financial Panic in 2019

byKim EngstromAre you ready for the holidays? How many times will you hear that between now and January 1st? Do thoughts of the holidays ever trigger panic for you around money? Sometimes a specific thought arises, like will I have enough money? or I’ll need more money or I spent way too much, what will l do? You start to beat yourself up and it becomes a vicious...[ read more ]


INHALE-EXHALE is a mini maga-zine that makes a positive difference in the way parents and kids communicate. It was created to to increase peace of mind, affinity, and connection among the members of your family. This is especially important in an increasingly fearful, disjointed and isolated world. Today, parents have ample reason to stress over the well-being of their children....[ read more ]

Today’s Family: Listening for greatness

In today’s modern age self-doubt and multiple points of view are major obstacles to effective communication. This is especially true when it comes to parenting and developing children. Parents who are being too strict or authoritarian can prove to be a hurdle for children to express their own self whereas being too lenient or permissive could lead them down the...[ read more ]

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