Q & A With DK

Why do I feel like crap when I wake up ?

Changes in weather and light affect your sleep patterns not to mention the anticipation of the upcoming holidays.  Your body suspects there is something up!

Shorter days and colder temperatures translate to less motivation, more couch time and comfort food.  All contributing factors to healthy sleep.  

Is it time for a new mattress?  Maybe you need to add an extra blanket for the temperature adjustment.  Outside noise and distraction can subconsciously contribute to disruption in sleep either in your sleep and wake cycle or sudden awakenings.  White noise helps block out unwanted sounds you don’t have control over and can put you into a sleepful trance.

It’s helpful to have a nighttime ritual such as a wind down meditation or soothing music.  Shut down all screens at least a half hour before you plan to retire.  If possible, don’t have your phone near you when you sleep.  If you read before bed, chose something soothing or happy.  The way you fall asleep will have a tremendous impact on the way you wake.

Sweet Dreams!