Today’s Family: The language barrier

 Do you ever feel like you and your kids are speaking a different language?I work with teens and young adults who are either entering or exiting college, and their parents. I often find that both parent and child want the same thing — connection. They are just speaking a different language to get it. As a parent myself, I’ve learned...[ read more ]

Real Moms, Real Life : Feats of Real Eats

Thank you to Beth and Andrea of Real Moms, Real Life for having me as a guest on their podcast! What an honor to be a resource for them ! Mental health care and nutrition go hand in hand ! Take care of your mental health and the rest should fall into place!  Learn what to look for in the diagnosis...[ read more ]

Screentime and the Brain

 Is social media making us antisocial? Consider this:According to a stunning new study presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science by University of Michigan researchers, today's teen are 40 percent less empathetic than those of 30 years ago, and college students who hit campus after 2000 have empathy levels that are 40 percent lower than those...[ read more ]

Q & A With DK

How can I stick to my new year resolutions this year? I love the beginning of a new year! Although it is really just another day, there's something inspiring about reflecting on and saying goodbye to the last year and preparing for what a new year has in store. Many people start the new year making resolutions. Resolutions are firm decisions to do...[ read more ]

Growing Up Social: Does Too Much Screen Time Have an Effect on Mental Health?

My daughter would stay in her room for hours and sometimes days at a time. I’d slipfood under the door and supply her with water to keep her hydrated. I’d poke my head in every so often to make sure she was still in there and offer a trip for ice cream. My daughter is an extreme introvert and a...[ read more ]

Q & A With DK

Why do I feel like crap when I wake up ? Changes in weather and light affect your sleep patterns not to mention the anticipation of the upcoming holidays.  Your body suspects there is something up!Shorter days and colder temperatures translate to less motivation, more couch time and comfort food.  All contributing factors to healthy sleep.  Is it time for a...[ read more ]

Growing Up Social: Screen Time and The Brain

Empathy is not something we are born with. Self-centeredness present in the early years of life is a necessary component of the cognitive stages of development.You are born into a conversation that goes something like this:  Do your best. Life is hard. You’ve got this. If I cry someone will come. Sometimes I’m on my own.  You learn early on...[ read more ]

Q & A With DK

How do I handle stress related to all of my deadlines?When you look at all you have to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis the tasks ahead can seem daunting. How am I going to do this? There are not enough hours in the day you tell yourself. This sets you up from a place of panic before you...[ read more ]

Growing Up Social: Some Healthy Guidelines

As long as your children are living at home, it’s not too late to become more active in guiding them in healthy directions. Screen time usage becomes a question of not whether how much is too much, but more important, what is being missed when our faces are in a screen?Here are some strategies :Create viewing guidelines-What factual data is...[ read more ]

Growing Up Social: Don’t Let Children Get Too Much Screen Time

I’ve researched this topic for some time mostly to prove to my kids -  18 and 21 - that too much screen time is NOT good. At least that’s what I thought. I knew about 10 years ago that this facebook thing was going to be a problem when I used threat of removal from it as a consequence for...[ read more ]

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