Life and Performance Coaching

What is the difference between Coaching, Counseling and Therapy? Which is better for me?

One of the major differences is the training and academic degrees the practioner received.  Therapists and Counselors are usually formerly trained in the areas of psychology, psychoanalysis, and psychodynamics.  They might focus on a certain area or speciality such as family therapy, couples counseling, career counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy.

My formal education is a Master’s in Counseling with a certification in Secondary and Higher Education Counseling.  I spent the first 15 years of my counseling career in academia primarily as a career counselor, academic advisor and life skills coach.  Prior to entering the counseling field, I was in Sales and Marketing.  Over the years, I’ve studied multiple modalities as well as applied a majority of those modalities and various experiences to my own life and now in supporting my private practice clients.  My approach is what they called in graduate school, ecclectic!  No two clients are alike.

My approach to working with you encompasses all three!  I believe I bring the best of the worlds to your individual care.

Together we explore :

How the past impacts your present (therapy)

What blocks you from taking action and having the life you want (counseling)

How to take action now (coaching )