Counseling for Highly Sensitive People

People I see have anxiety and are Highly Sensitive. They may fall into this category because they worry about things happening to them and others at extraordinary depth.

A life you love!

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ABC’s of Transforming an Upset

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Highly Sensitive Person Group

Surrounded by a society where 80-85 % of the people are not Highly Sensitive, it’s easy to buy into a cultural perspective that our gifts are not gifts but weaknesses.

Making yourself wrong or always trying to fix yourself to be “normal” has an impact on the world.

You aren’t seen for who you really are!

Highly Sensitive Person Group Starting June 24th

  • Understand the overwhelm of being Highly Sensitive while discovering your Sensie Super Powers
  • Explore how childhood experience and decisions impact your present day choices and reframe them through your HSP lens
  • Develop self-compassion practices and stress less more of the time. Decrease your anxiety spirals.

2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month 7-8pm

Zoom Meeting Link

Facilitated by Kim Engstrom, MS
Anxiety Specialist and Highly Sensitive Counselor
Investment is $250 for 6 sessions (3 months)


New members are welcome and are required to have a 30 minute discovery call with the facilitator prior to joining the group.

A circle of mutual support contributes to your growth and makes it safer to open up your heart and experience joy!