INHALE – EXHALE: a zine for stress-less families

INHALE -EXHALE is a mini magazine that makes a positive difference in the way parents and kids communicate.

Today, parents have ample reason to stress over the well-being of their children. Technological innovation makes generational difference greater than ever before. Health and safety are on the forefront of everyone’s minds. It may seem very difficult to feel secure and prepared for the future. These stressors are felt by parents and children alike.

We are working to dissect and understand the ways in which our culture perpetuates inequality, violence, and feelings of scarcity and exclusion. Inhale-Exhale creates a space to acknowledge how these forces directly hurt individuals. We are committed to providing original and substantial resources for taking care of ourselves and others, as well as finding power and strength to survive and thrive, even in the most uncertain circumstances.

Our mission:

The Inhale-Exhale team commitment is that all families be whole and complete. Our promise is that parents feel affinity and connection with their children and are inspired to take on stress in their lives with a sense of freedom and ease. As a result, our young people are validated, heard, accepted, and empowered to take on their future!

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About the Zine:

This mini magazine (Zine) for stress-less families exists to increase peace of mind, affinity, and connection among the members of your family as well as the members of your community. This is especially important in an increasingly fearful, disjointed, and isolated world.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, one in five adolescents has had a serious mental health disorder at some point in their life. In fact, problems with mental health often start early in life, with symptoms exhibiting as early as age 14.

Each issue of Inhale Exhale has the potential to reach millions of families globally through timely articles, relevant content and thoughtful commentary that connects us powerfully to the world we live in.

While the zine finds common ground from which to report from we recognize that some topics are unique to one’s experience. Your support is needed to give those issues the platform and attention they require.

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