Inhale Exhale College Edition Issue 1

A Healthy Brain

Anxiety or HSP? 

Have you always heard things like, “You’re too sensitive” or “Why do you have to analyze everything?” Are you easily startled? Do you get the “hangry’s”? You may be a highly sensitive person.

According to Elaine Aron, Ph.D.”Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) are individuals with genetic characteristics that make them deeply attuned and sensitive to their environments and relationships. They have high levels of empathy and emotional responsiveness, tend to be more thoughtful in their actions, and are deeply reflective.

Attending college can be the most exciting and challenging time of your life. Navigating those challenges can become daunting and overwhelming. If you are someone who struggles with anxiety – and these days there is a lot to be anxious about – the greatest four years of your life can be plagued with worry, fear and indecision. Making choices when there is so much to choose from can cause Analysis Paralysis.

If your anxiety continuously gets in the way of being happy, causes sleep or eating disturbances, keeps you trapped in a cycle of thoughts, or is overwhelming and debilitating, you might have been born with a trait called Sensory Processing Sensitivity.

According to Aron and her continued research, this is not a disorder but an innate trait found in about 15-20% of the population. The brains of HSPs actually work a little differently than others?.

Highly sensitive persons experience DOES

D: Depth of Processing

O: Over-stimulation

E: Emotional Reactivity

S: Sensing the subtle

Dr.Aron believes HSPs and those close to them will account for a high number of those who do not catch Covid- 19! HSPs have instincts perfectly designed for surviving this kind of threat. If you are an HSP, think of it as a superpower.

Think this might be you? Find out here: High Sensitivity Self-test

Forming Now: a support group for Highly Sensitive People.

Call to see if this group is a fit for you!

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