Rewire Your Anxious Mind Mentorship

Empowering women to reclaim their lives rather than being controlled by their anxiety.
Imagine creating a life of freedom, peace of mind and full self expression.

Get ready to dispel anything you currently know about stress and anxiety, and transform the way you look at ​your​ anxiety – maybe forever .

Your anxiety is not you! How relieved I was to learn this. I didn’t even know what anxiety was at first. I did know it was exhausting, debilitating and self limiting in so many ways. Never one to shy away from “fixing” what I thought was wrong with me all in the name of perfectionism, if only I were perfect, then all my anxiety would finally disappear.

I set out on a many year’s long journey to get it right – once and for all . What I discovered is there was never really anything wrong with me to begin with…I am perfect, whole and complete exactly the way I am and that everything I experienced was all part of my wonderful journey called my life!

I am on a mission to support women who are caught up in the vicious cycle of anxious and self loathing thoughts.

Are you feeling trapped in those thoughts that you are not enough exactly as you are?
Want to discover what’s getting in the way of you having peace of mind and freedom?
I’m ready, are you?
Let me be your guide because now it’s your turn to reclaim the relationship you have with yourself and to reignite your wonderful life journey!

This 12 week journey will incorporate all of the lessons I’ve learned over many years of battling the voices in my head that said I wasn’t loveable. I learned how to create a whole new relationship with my inner critic once and for all and you can too. The world is waiting for you to discover your beautiful self and soul! Having a life you love lies exclusively in your hands and you have the power to create it for yourself as well as those around you!

Currently Welcoming Applications for February


Rewire Your Anxious Brain…Forever!

This Mentorship is designed to have you:

  • Discover the root cause of various self-sabotage behaviors and learn how to recognize and address them in your life.
  • Access the brain patterns behind ineffective habits
  • Stop worry instantly in its tracks
  • Escape the voices in your head that don’t serve you
  • Overcome the useless emotions of guilt, regret and shame
  • Stop trying to fix yourself
  • Start creating your life rather than surviving it
  • Learn powerful tips that can be immediately implemented to help you transform self-sabotaging harm into self-love, full self expression and freedom.

Who is this mentorship right for :

  • Any person who would like to increase their personal power, self expression and peace of mind.
  • Individuals that feel trapped in the same old stories resulting in a loss of authenticity
  • Those who can’t seem to break the vicious cycle of drama and upset resulting in anxiety
  • Anyone who has the disempowering habit of making themselves wrong over and over again.
  • Anyone feeling like a victim of circumstance

Identify how your inner critic is taking charge of
your life, instead of YOU being the one in the driver’s seat. You can make radical progress toward
whatever you want with a sense of ease you won’t even believe!

What People Are Saying:

  • “Working with Kim has changed my life in so many positive ways. I have learned how to be more at peace with myself and how to break out of the cycle of overthinking and perfectionism. I struggled with weekly panic attacks prior to beginning sessions with Kim, and I am now proud to say I have not had a panic attack in 18 months! Though it has not been an easy journey, I am lucky to have Kim by my side to weather the storms that life sometimes throws at us, so I can seek more joy and positivity in everyday life.” M.S
  • ” Working with Kim I quickly discovered some important distinctions in my life that explained my current emotional afflictions. Healing may be a lifelong journey for me, however Kim is a sincere and effective counselor to aid me on my path. ” G.G
  • “Kim has helped me find the peace and freedom that’s been inside of me all along! I go more confidently into each day knowing I have power over my thoughts and responses M. D. “
  • “Working with Kim has taught me that I am in control of how I view and handle my anxiety. I have learned techniques to keep me grounded during a panic attack and in everyday life. I used to shame and blame myself for having anxiety and panic attacks, now I am kinder and more patient with myself.” A.M.