– B.P.

“Let me start by saying that Kim is awesome.  We clicked on our first appointment. She is so easy to talk to.  I first met Kim when I was looking for someone to talk to my son about some problems he was having.  Then I actually ended up seeing her too. Kim has such an easy way about her. She offers great suggestions and is a great listener.  She is always learning, which I really appreciate. She is passionate about what she does and it shows. I always look forward to our appointments with “Miss Kim”!

I like your attitude and your approach. More importantly, my daughter does too.
— V.F.

– T.A.

“Kim has a warm and kind presence that always made me feel comfortable during our sessions. She made it really easy for me to share my feelings and was very attentive and understanding to what I had to say. She offered different kinds of meditation and journaling exercises to help me and was always willing to discuss different ideas that best suited me personally. I felt that Kim really cared about me and always wanted what was best for me. She listened and offered advice during my low points and genuinely celebrated my little victories with me. She was encouraging, uplifting, and relate-able and I would recommend her to anyone!  “

I wish I could get this weekly, for real, it’s like being reminded there is a kind friend out there, if someone needs it… Thank you, you always make such a profound difference in my life!
— B.M.

– L.V.

KE Counseling Services provides the most current, culturally sensitive and aware ear for today’s issues, Kim stays right up to the minute to assist clients in navigating the stormy times each person will inevitably face. We are not alone in our struggles and Kim helps us to see that. She also offers modalities that make it convenient and easy for anyone to seek assistance. Check her out at one of her fun Whine and Wine events, or listen to a podcast, or get counseling services online. There’s no reason to stay isolated and struggle. Embrace your power!!

[My son] is very comfortable and happy talking to Miss Kim. You have been such a welcomed person to us all! Thank you

— M.C.